Fire Dispatch Mission

Like the mission of the ESD, Fire Dispatch Center is dedicated to providing safe emergency services while protecting lives and property.  Having a dedicated Fire Dispatch Center allows for quicker dispatching, improved accountability for firefighters and speeds up the responses of additional resources when requested.


Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

The computer aided dispatch system allows the fire dispatcher to quickly locate an address and determine the closest emergency resources to that location. The system allows the dispatcher to instantly determine the availability of all fire apparatus in Johnson County. A backup CAD computer will allow quick recovery in case of primary system failure. A laptop computer loaded with the CAD information can be moved to a new location quickly in case of a disaster or Dispatch Center building emergency.



The Dispatch Center is staffed with two dispatchers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An additional dispatcher may be called in during large events or anticitpated weather events to assist with high emergency call volumes.


Firefighter Response System (FFRS)

The FFRS system allows firefighters to push one button on their cell phone to notify the Dispatch Center and their stations that they are responding to the fire station. This will allow dispatchers to determine if adequate personnel are responding quickly and if neede, call for additional resources.



Dispatch Equipment

  • Special furniture that allows dispatchers comfort and flexibility.
  • Wall mounted monitors to quickly view important information without changing desk screen views.
  • Backup computer servers in case of system failures.
  • Backup radio systems in case of radio failures.
  • Backup generators in case of power failures.
  • Multi-line VOIP phone system.
  • Fax and Text capabilities.
  • Ham radio in dispatch to provide quicker weather information.